Monica Beresford-Redman buried in Inglewood

LOS ANGELES Her husband, Bruce Beresford-Redman, is accused of killing Monica in Cancun, Mexico. He wants to suspend Monica's sisters' visiting rights to the children.

Bruce Beresford-Redman came to court to plead for a cooling-off period, a temporary suspension of visitations between his estranged sisters-in-law and his two children.

"These sisters have lost sight of what's in the best interests of the children," said Rachel Silverman, attorney for Bruce Beresford-Redman and his parents.

Silverman described the last straw: Someone called the Child Welfare Hotline to report possible endangerment.

"A social worker showed up with two police officers to question not only the children, but each of the adults in the house," said Silverman.

It's been a tug-of-war over Bruce and Monica's children, Camilla and Alec, since Monica was murdered in Cancun.

Bruce is the prime suspect in her murder. He maintains someone else did it and is fighting extradition to Mexico.

His parents are temporary guardians of the couple's children. The court allows visitations with Monica's sisters.

It was just after the sisters' last visit that social workers came knocking.

"The DCFS showing up at the house is just questionable," said Silverman.

In probate court, Judge Mitchell Beckloff condemned the ongoing drama.

"This has become so contentious," said Beckloff. "I feel sorry that these children do not have peace to grieve their mother's death."

But he goes on to indicate the case has had widespread media coverage. It's unknown who called the hotline. Beckloff declared visitations will stay the same for now.

His ruling comes on a day filled with emotion. Friends and family of Monica laid her to rest at the Inglewood Park Cemetery. They did not invite her husband.

"Bruce did not even know about the funeral. The only information about the funeral was what we found on the media websites online," said Silverman.

Adding to the clamor in court, Monica's sisters wanted the judge to change the therapist for the kids. The judge denied that request. The judge also said he will review the current visitation rights on July 12.

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