Fontana 11-year-old helps nab 4 home invaders

FONTANA, Calif. At around 12:30 p.m., the 11-year-old dialed 911 to report that prowlers were attempting to break into his home, located in the 15600 block of Rockwell Avenue. The child said he and his twin brother, who were home alone at the time, locked themselves in the closet after the intruders successfully broke into the house.

Officers were called to the scene immediately. A /*Fontana*/ motorcycle officer on traffic duty also received the burglary-in-progress call and made it to the scene within 90 seconds and witnessed a male juvenile fleeing the location.

The suspect was detained as other officers arrived on scene. After a perimeter was established, officers detained three additional suspects.

Upon questioning, detectives found that the group of four was also responsible for another residential burglary in the area and they were also driving a reported stolen vehicle.

Two of the four suspects were juveniles and the other two were adults identified as 18-year-old Christopher Holmes and 19-year-old Tim McNiel. All four suspects are from /*San Bernardino*/.

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