Driver runs taxi into house after fare dispute

LOS ANGELES An Italian couple on their honeymoon said they disputed the fare with the cab driver, identified as Robert Kazaryan after he got lost several times on the trip from Beverly Hills to the Hollywood Hills.

"He was asking for $37 and I just said it seemed like too much," said Fabrizio Vascucci, one of the passengers in the cab. He offered him $26 instead and told him he needed a GPS.

When the couple left the taxi and went inside their friends' house in the Hollywood Hills, Kazaryan apparently jumped the curb and drove his taxi into the front of the home.

Neither of the passengers were injured but the owner of the home suffered an arm injury because he happened to be standing in the doorway at the time of the collision.

Kazaryan was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon but detectives indicated these charges may be reduced upon further investigation, saying it could turn out to be just a traffic accident.

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