Mel Gibson's ex makes court appearance

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES Grigorieva arrived flanked by sheriff's deputies and her legal team, while the /*Oscar*/-winning actor and director avoided cameras.

Testimony and negotiations went all day behind closed doors. At issue, according to the court docket, are child support, attorney fees and custody and visitation,.

Gibson also seems to be worried that his Russian ex-girlfriend might flee the country with the baby, Lucia. There's a motion to seize the baby's passport.

Gibson's legal team remained silent on any progress over the weeks, but the battle has been anything but quiet.

Celebrity website /**/ released excerpts of a Gibson tirade with profanity laced calls that have included several racial slurs and threats of violence.

Grigorieva claims Gibson struck her, broke her teeth, hurt the baby and threatened to kill her.

The sheriff's department says its criminal investigation is nearly complete.

"They are hoping to have this to the D.A. by the end of this week Friday," said sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore.

But that investigation is complicated by another. According to TMZ, Gibson alleges Grigorieva held the recording to extort money from him.

Detectives have served warrants on both parties to gather evidence.

"Whether the extortion can be linked to that that would be optimum, but there may be loose ends still in the extortion case that the investigators need to tie up," Whitmore said.

If crimes are confirmed, both parties may be back in court to defend themselves from government prosecution.

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