9-yr-old accidentally shot by older brother

CAMARILLO, Calif. Ventura County Sheriff's deputies rushed to the scene at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday when the shot rang out.

"They found two young kids - one nine years old and one 13-year-old had been involved in the shooting incident and the nine-year-old actually got shot," said Sr. Dep. Julie Novak, Ventura County Sheriff's Department.

The single shot went through his cheek and exited through his shoulder. Doctors said luckily it was just a soft tissue wound and the boy should be able to leave the hospital on Thursday.

Novak said this was a valuable reminder of the sad accidents that can happen when firearms aren't handled properly.

"We always want to remind the community guns are deadly. They kill people. We are so lucky today that somebody didn't end up dead," she said.

Camarillo sheriff officials encouraged gun owners to get a free gun lock, available from most law enforcement agencies, for any gun in their possession, particularly when there are children in the home.

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