'Going the Distance,' premieres in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. Most romantic comedies are rated "PG" or "PG-13," but not this one.

"Mostly everything I say in this, you can't show," says one of the film's stars, /*Christina Applegate*/, at the film's Hollywood premiere Monday.

Applegate's moments in the movie are too racy for TV.

"We were acting out a campaign for /*Cialis*/," says the film's other star, /*Drew Barrymore*/.

"Going the Distance" goes where most romantic comedies do not: into the R-rated arena.

The actors give us something that we're not used to getting at the box office.

"That's exactly what our intention was with this film," Barrymore says. "It was to give a romantic comedy that's more real and more adult and not sort of based in a fairy tale setting, even though I love those movies."

The film opens Sept. 3.

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