Teacher starts running club to motivate kids

Jefferson Award-winner Kara Lubin
PASADENA, Calif. It's not physical education class. And it's not just exercise. It's called The 100 Mile Club. It was started by teacher Kara Lubin.

"A few, oh gosh, 18 years ago, I had a group of kids in my class that were just really energetic, and they needed some focus, so we started running," said Lubin.

Every lap, they get a stick. Five sticks make a mile. Their progress is marked on a T-shirt: 25, 50, 75, and finally the 100-mile goal.

"We're doing The 100 Mile Club, we're just running around to have fun, get some exercise," said student Tony Moreno.

But while the exercise is certainly a good thing, it's not the main goal.

"Not only does it calm them down, it centers them, it focuses them, and it re-energizes them, so it takes that energy, pulls it together and gives them a way to channel it, and set a long-term goal and achieve it," said Lubin.

With effort the students will all get there. The 100 Mile Club started small in Corona, but it's now gone nationwide.

"For me, how they feel is how I feel, so if it's good for them, it's good for me, and I'm living my dream," said Lubin. "This is not anything I ever thought would happen, but now it's my passion, and I just want to share it with whoever we can."

To say that Kara Lubin has made a difference would be an understatement. Through the years, she estimates that 40,000 kids have taken part in The 100 Mile Club.

Kara Lubin is our Jefferson Award winner for the month of August.

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