L.A. could allow more pets in homes

LOS ANGELES Shelter officials are hopeful this move could reduce the number of animals that end up in shelters and must be euthanized.

The slowdown in the economy and the housing market has resulted in a spike in the number of animals in shelters as many pet-owners find themselves without the means to take care of their animals. Shelter worker Eric Kowalski hopes extending the limit on pets could make it easier to place stray pets in new homes.

"For someone like myself that would like to temporarily house some of these pets right now its a bad thing - the limit,"he said.

But some opponents of the measure said it is important for the city to keep the limit at its current number because more animals could mean greater hazards.

"If you increase the pet population you're giong to increase the number of pets at those shelters," said Jim Clarke, with the Aparment Assoc. of Greater L.A. "We're concerned about the noise and the quality of life for our tenants. We're concerned about rodents."

But Los Angeles Animal Services said it could bring in more money from pet licenses.

"There's a potential there for $800,00 reenue at a time when we really need the money," said Brenda Barnette, the general manager of the department.

The issue was being debated at a public hearing in Van Nuys Thursday night.

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