'Cathy' comic strip comes to an end

LOS ANGELES Cathy Guisewite has been creating her cartoon alter ego in her Los Angeles studio for the past 17 years, though the she started drawing the character 34 years ago when she worked in advertising.

"When I started drawing Cathy I was literally drawing myself and I had long hair," said Guisewite.

The cartoon Cathy and the real one were a voice for women of the generation who were told they could have it all, and then learned they couldn't it. That same voice even made it to a half hour TV special in th 80s.

Now the real Cathy is done with the daily deadlines. But putting down her pen after all these years wasn't an easy decision to make.

"I have loved doing this job so much. It's been such a great outet for every anxiety. It's been a great way to connect with everybody. I've loved being able to get back at the swimwear industry, at the makeup industry and my mother occasionally."

The cartoon started with little drawings she sent her parents to illustrate her life. Her mother convinced her to submit them for syndication and they quickly resonated with female readers.

"One of my proudest things is that I know how many refrigerators my comic has been stuck on and to be placed that close to people's food is the triumph of any artist."

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