Disgraced Colton doctor surrenders license

SACRAMENTO The Medical Board of California accused Gurmeet Singh Multani of committing acts of sexual misconduct with two patients.

According to the complaint, one patient was receiving psychiatric treatment for depression and sexual trauma when, during an appointment and in front of the patient's son, Multani flirted with the patient; performed a massage that included "indecent" touching; hugged and kissed the patient on the lips; and gave the patient his personal phone number to call him for "any reason."

On another occasion, Multani allegedly took the patient out to dinner and afterward took her to Multani's medical office where they had sexual intercourse. The patient reported they had sexual intercourse on many other occasions at both Multani's office and at the patient's home. The board says Multani paid the patient various amount of money for sex, including $2,000 on one occasion, and gave her automobiles for her personal use.

Another patient reported Multani to the police for inappropriate touching.

Multani is also accused of repeatedly violating standards for prescribing drugs. In one case, he is said to have prescribed medication to a patient who was a drug addict. The patient died in December 2009 due to liver necrosis resulting from acetaminophen toxicity.

"The mission of the Medical Board is public protection, and this action reflects the Board's ongoing commitment to that mission," said Linda Whitney, executive director of the Medical Board.

It is unclear what criminal charges, if any, Multani will face.

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