Scientists climb into active volcano

AMBRYM ISLAND, Vanuatu The video posted on YouTube was captured by a team of volcanologists on remote Ambrym Island in the South Pacific.

Extreme climber Drew Bristol was filmed descending into Mount Marum, an active volcano more than 4,000 feet high.

Ambrym Island is also called the "Black Island" because of the abundance of volcanic ash produced by the island's two active volcanoes.

As the film team neared the volcano's fiery lake of lava, they put on heat reflecting silver suits and used oxygen canisters to breath.

New Zealand scientist and filmmaker Geoff Mackley led the team and says it's the ultimate extreme adventure, given the intense heat, falling rocks and toxic gas.

The team that climbed the volcano and shot the pictures is planning another trip to the volcano in a few months to attempt an even deeper descent.

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