Abducted SoCal boys located in Netherlands

LOS ANGELES Greg Silah and his cousins Alex and Zaven Silah were abducted in 2008, allegedly taken out of the country by their fathers, John and George Silah.

After an international investigation they were found in the Netherlands and now await their mothers' arrival to bring them home.

"Alex, Zaven - I miss you guys so much. I love you honey," said a tearful Zanni Kalayejian, the mother of two of the boys.

Christine Stackhouse, Greg's mother told her son to "hang in there" at a press conference in Los Angeles Friday.

FBI officials in Los Angeles said the investigation took them across the world to Athens, Greece and then to the Netherlands.

"We were tracking them anywhere the leads took us but most recently Greek authorities did work with Dutch police to help identify and put a finger on them," said Steve Martinez, Los Angeles FBI director.

Their mothers, Christine Stackhouse and Zanni Kalayejian, will be leaving Saturday for the Netherlands.

The two men will most likely face extradition to the United States to face federal charges of child abduction.

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