Halle Berry's 'Frankie and Alice' premieres

LOS ANGELES She got her wish, but it took a while for the movie to find a home.

Now that it has one, there is a lot of excitement for the movie and its stars.

"This is the biggest moment of my life," said co-star Joey Bothwell. "Let's be honest. Halle Berry? Come On. What gets better than Halle Berry?"

Halle Berry takes on several roles all wrapped in one body in "Frankie and Alice."

The film is based on the true story of Frankie Murdoch, a woman dealing with multiple personality disorder in the early 1970s.

One of her alters is a racist white woman.

"I was never going to let her go. Until I got too old to play it and whenever that day came, I guess I would have sat down," Berry said about making the film. "I just have been passionate about it from the minute I heard about it.

"It's just this little movie that we all cared about, so it feels like it's meant to happen because it is happening," Berry added. "If it weren't meant to happen, it wouldn't have. It was on pace not to, so this does feel good tonight."

While Berry begins to generate Oscar buzz for her performance, there is another kind of buzz in the air at the premiere: pure excitement for some lesser known stars.

"Frankie and Alice" opens in limited release Dec.10. It goes wide in February.

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