SoCal residents get ready for rainy weekend

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES "Got all it all done early and it's all wrapped and done. I'm so happy," said shopper Heidi Barbour.

Rain drenched sidewalks and soaked roads overnight, giving the Southland a small preview of what's to come--wet weather for the next several days. The rain will really start to come down on Friday and continue through Wednesday.

Shoppers in Monrovia didn't seem to mind the forecast, especially when Southern California has been known for less than holiday-like weather.

"It seems kind of funny sometimes to be singing Christmas carols about the cold weather and here we are sitting in 80 degrees," said /*Monrovia*/ resident Phil Hogan.

"Being used to the cool weather on the East Coast, I like it a little cool," said another resident, John Evans. "I don't like it when it's 80 degrees on Christmas day."

Wet roads and the holiday rush can be a dangerous combination. Several weather-related accidents were reported early Thursday morning as many people were taken off guard by the slippery highways.

Two crashes occurred on the 101 Freeway at Mission Road because of the wet conditions. A total of seven to 12 vehicles were involved. No injuries were reported.

The rain also caused problems in /*Orange County*/, where a driver lost control of her car and crashed into the center divider on the southbound 57 Freeway. The driver was taken to the hospital. Her condition is unknown.

Another accident occurred on the 1400 block of South Flower Street when a driver lost control, went off the road and onto MTA train tracks. No injuries were reported in that accident.

Drivers were advised to take it slow on the roads.

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