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Eye on L.A. explores SoCal's beauty know-how

This week's Eye on L.A. brings together the places and people in SoCal who know a thing or two about aging beautifully.

April 10, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
This week's Eye on L.A. is all about bringing together the places and people in SoCal who know a thing or two about aging beautifully.

So if you're ready to look and feel better than ever, let's get started with your skin.

The world-renowned Dr. Howard Murad reveals how he helps women get glowing, younger looking skin by fighting the signs of genetic, environmental and hormonal aging [Watch video]. Dr. Murad gave Eye on L.A. his 10 skin tips, check them out.

See what else Dr. Murad has to say about achieving and maintaining a youthful self - inside and out [Watch video].

  • Video: Dr. Murad talks about the No. 1 beauty myth you should all know [Watch video].
  • Video: Dr. Murad talks about his 'water secret' [Watch video].

Another renown skin expert, Dr. John Joseph, takes a different approach to fighting the signs of aging. His tools to staying young include fillers and neuromodulators. The Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is using needles to correct what once could only be fixed with scalpels [Watch video].

Dr. Joseph is offering Eye on L.A. viewers a free consultation. Just mention "Eye on L.A." when you call.

Shaping your eyebrows is another unexpected way to keep that youthful look [Watch video].

Celebrity eyebrow specialist Anastasia helps dozens of celebrities look younger by creating and shaping the perfect eyebrows. Some of her celebrity clients include Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Lopez.

  • Video: Find out where your brows should start and end [Watch video].
  • Video: Anastasia's tip to make everyone look younger [Watch video].

Some Los Angeles celebrities say getting flawless skin is as easy as adding a little joy to your life. So Eye on L.A.'s Tina Malave did just that by visiting skin expert Nerida Joy in Beverly Hills [Watch video].

Known for her thorough and personal approach to skincare, Nerida has personally done more than 50,000 facials. Her clients include some of the most famous faces in the world. She shared her secrets on how to turn back the clock with Eye on L.A., get Nerida's skin tips.

Nerida is offering a free 20-minute consultation and cleanser to Eye on L.A. viewers. Just mention "Eye on L.A." when you call.

Best-selling author of "Age Right: Turn Back the Clock" and regenerative medicine expert Dr. Karlis Ullis has many unique tips to staying young [Watch video].

  • Video: Learn more about Dr. Ullis' water philosophy [Watch video].

You may not want to think about it, but your hair ages too. It gets dry and thin as you get older. Kim Kardashian's hair stylist Frank Galasso shares how easy it is to get younger looking, shiny, sexy hair and also let us in on Kim Kardashian's hair secrets [Watch video].

  • Video: Kim Kardashian's hair secrets revealed [Watch video].

No need to pull your hair out fighting midlife hair loss. We found an all natural hair product made in L.A. that could help you get younger hair back. Dr. Alex Khadavi showed us how Revivogen works [Watch video].

Posture can have a significant effect on how young you look. Dr. Ullis says the effects of new technology and how you exercise can actually make you look older [Watch video].

Dancing has a profound effect on your posture. Professional dancer Louis van Amstel, of "Dancing With The Stars" teaches dance classes at Anisa's School of Dance in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

He's adamant about teaching his celebrity partners about posture and getting them to straighten up. He shows Eye on L.A's Tina Malave the exercise that could keep your waist and ankles in shape [Watch video].

Besides dancing, there are other forms of helpful exercise that slows down the aging clock. Food and Fitness Coach Lori Corbin caught up with celebrity fitness trainer Valerie Waters to learn about the anti-aging workout. Are there specific exercises that could help you turn back the clock and feel more youthful [Watch video]?

In addition to looking young, there are secrets to feeling young. Spiritual guide and best-selling author of "The Soul of Leadership," Deepak Chopra reveals how positive emotions can help you stay young [Watch video].

Get contact information and addresses of all the doctors and businesses featured on this week's episode.

[Original air date: January 29, 2011]