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Break up exercises to get better results

February 14, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
Fitness experts are continually changing out your program, because if you do something routine, you don't get much results. But by just changing a few simple moves in a different pecking order, you'll get great results.

Fitness pro and Equinox group fitness manager Paul Katami created a math equation that kicks your fitness into gear called "4 x 4".

"Rather than just doing 30 seconds, which you see a lot of or 20 seconds like you might see in Tabata I thought why not go for endurance," said Katami.

The "4 x 4" formula is four distinct fitness formats performed at one minute a piece.

"It goes from cardio for the first minute then it goes to lower body strength," said Katami. "From lower body strength it goes to upper body strength and then it goes to core."

Then you repeat that format: Cardio, lower body, upper body and core, again and again.

"I was looking at the clock," said student Deuce Witherspoon. "I was. I was counting down."

Each section is timed for 60 seconds, and it gives the students the mindset they can get through it since it's only a minute long. But there is a flip side.

"It was very quick-pace," said West Hollywood member Melissa Monte. "I feel like you're holding each thing for longer, when you feel like you should be stopping you have to keep going for another 30 seconds."

"I went back to the basics with this," said Katami. "Everyone can do basic squats and lunges and jumps and pushups. Why not go back to those? Perfect your form, but also push your endurance. It does double duty. Your cardio, your strength and you're working on your form."

The class is a hit at Equinox West Hollywood. They also sell a DVD for less than $20 called "Hollywood Boot Camp 4 x 4," but it could certainly be done at home with low-cost equipment

"You can 4 x 4 at home," said Katami. "In fact you can take any exercise and do the same thing with it."

"It's great for people that have lower knee problems or back problems," said West Hollywood member Jared Lopez. "There's always a modification for every exercise."