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Ventura gets a first taste of winter storm

February 18, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
Ventura County is getting a first taste of a potentially dangerous winter storm.

Ventura is usually the leading edge of these storms that come off the ocean. But there were only periods of rain Friday, somewhat heavy but overall not very much.

It's a blustery day at the beach. The storm is churning up the ocean a bit, but this is only the beginning of a wet weekend.

The storm hit downtown Ventura and brought scattered showers. A few people bundled up and carried their umbrellas.

"I don't have an umbrella because I have great faith in the California people to not rain on me," said Patrick Mullins who is visiting from Ireland. "To get away from the rain. It's followed me."

Most people we talked to don't mind the rain but they do mind having to drive in it. They said the slick roads combined with motorists who drive too fast can make it dangerous.

"A little bit worried," said Ventura resident Joan Schleicher. "But we'll do fine. Good driving. The rain is going to come and we will do whatever it is we are doing."

By late afternoon it started raining a bit harder, but it was off and on and not a big steady downpour. People we spoke with said there hasn't been much rain at all this winter, so this storm is welcome.

"We love it," said Hudson Scoggin from Ventura. "It only rains December, January and February, so if we don't get rain now it's not going to happen. So we want rain."

"I feel like I am in Seattle," said Ventura resident Christina Torres. "It's perfect, it's beautiful. I like the rainy weather. I don't need an umbrella; I'm not going to melt."

There are dark clouds over the Pacific Ocean on the horizon and are on their way towards Ventura, so there isn't any doubt residents are going to get wet.