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Charlie Sheen talks about 2 girlfriends, kids

March 1, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
Charlie Sheen is not done talking. The actor has already talked about his drug use, but now he's talking about his two girlfriends and his children.

The women in Sheen's life, whom he calls "goddesses," are Natalie Kenley, a former nanny and model, and Rachel Oberlin, a porn star. The three admit that they are no ordinary family, but Sheen said his girlfriends, both are 24 years old, are mother figures to his children.

Sheen, 45, and his soon-to-be ex-wife Brooke Mueller share custody of their twin boys. He also has two daughters with ex-wife Denise Richards.

The outspoken actor has been riding a media blitz wave with appearances on NBC's "Today" show, CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" and ABC's "Good Morning America" all on Monday.

Sheen claims that he is sober and that he's spending time with his girlfriends and kids.

"I am on a drug," Sheen told ABC. "It's called Charlie Sheen. It's not available because if you try it, you will die. Your face will melt off, and your children will weep over your exploded body."

He told ABC News correspondent Andrea Canning that he's not worried about how his experiences will affect his children.

"I mean, I can worry about it or I can say, 'Hey, kids. Your dad's a rock star. Look at his experiences. Look at what he survived.' Bang, there are some of your lessons, but the real lessons are going to be in the future," Sheen said.

Some experts say what's going on at Sheen's home is unhealthy.

"Where is social services?" said family therapist Dr. Leslie Seppinni. "I would be surprised if something doesn't come from this, after it's blasted all over television. If not, we have a huge societal problem."

Sheen also told Canning that he wants to sue CBS after the network pulled the plug on "Two and a Half Men" last week due to the actor's off-set behavior.

Lindsay Wager is a porn actress who claims she had a four month intimate relationship with Sheen last summer that ended right before the actor's wild night of debauchery at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

"I believe he's a sex addict, definitely," Wager said. "He spends 75 percent, 80 percent of his free time is concentrated on finding young women to sleep with and show his magic."

Wager admits she partied hard with Sheen and she also dished about sex with the star.

"It was pretty good," Wager said. "I'd give it an 'A.'"

But she says Sheen's cocaine use definitely took its toll on their intimate relationship.

Amidst all the controversy, Sheen's longtime publicist Stan Rosenfield resigned shortly after Sheen gave a sit-down interview with celebrity website TMZ that was streamed online.

Sheen joined Twitter on Tuesday, a day after Rosenfield quit. Though there are several fake Twitter accounts, this one has been verified as authentic by Twitter. Sheen had more than 160,000 followers by Tuesday evening.

Doctors who watched Sheen's interview with Canning said they hope the actor gets help soon.

"I think at this point, an intervention needs to take place that allows him to get into immediate psychiatric care," said Dr. Shahla Modir, an addiction psychiatrist. "Although he may not be a current danger to himself or others, he's clearly greatly disabled."

Warner Bros. has agreed to pay the "Two and a Half Men" crew for four of the eight canceled episodes. Sheen said that is a start, but he said he won't sleep until they get paid for all eight episodes.

Canning's full interview is slated to air Tuesday on a special one-hour edition of "20/20" at 10 p.m. PT.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.