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Santa Fe Springs principal loses bet to students for good cause

March 8, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
The principal of a Santa Fe Springs school lost a bet with his students and it's a bet he's glad he lost.

Principal Richard Brown of the Santa Fe Springs Christian School challenged students to raise money to purchase pediatric wheelchairs to be donated to a charity that will get them to disabled kids in different parts of the world.

Each chair costs about $220, but the students were motivated after viewing a presentation on the need for wheelchairs for children. They were shown pictures of children in China, some moving around on a wheelbarrow.

If they met their goal, the principal agreed to be tarred and feathered by students.

When he lost, however, Brown was drenched in maple syrup instead of tar and each kid got a chance to feather him.

"I challenged them to raise $1,400 to buy six wheelchairs and they've raised over $3,000 in the month of February," said Brown as children grabbed handfuls of feathers and flung them at him. "We're going to be buying 14 wheelchairs to send to children all over the world free of charge to those kids who are disabled.

"I'm so proud of our students. I had to pay up. I'm Big Bird today."

Luckily, he wore a protective body suit.

Along with the fundraising, the principal says some of the kids donated their own money to help pay for the wheelchairs.