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Prince William talks about wedding jitters

April 1, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
The countdown is on to what they're calling the wedding of the century. Great Britain's Prince William will marry Kate Middleton in what is expected to be the most watched wedding since Charles and Diana 30 years ago. And just like any groom-to-be, William has some wedding jitters.

Working as a search-and-rescue pilot comes naturally to Prince William. It's the prospect of a royal wedding that makes him nervous.

"I was telling everyone I did the rehearsals the other day and my knees started going, tapping quite nervously," said William. "So, it's quite a daunting prospect but very exciting and I'm thoroughly looking forward to it, but there's still a lot of planning to be in the last four weeks."

The 28-year-old prince is set to marry his longtime sweetheart on April 29 at Westminster Abbey in London, and the ceremony will be broadcast around the world.

Every aspect of the big day is getting breathless attention from the world media. The latest big revelation was the look of the official commemorative chinaware.

The designer of the official wedding cake also dished out a few precious details.

"It's a traditional cake, but it is also, I would say, quite delicate, quite modern," said cake designer Fiona Cairns.

It seems everyone in Britain is focused on the wedding except one very important guest - William's little brother and best man Prince Harry, who is training in Norway as part of the "Walking with the Wounded" project.

Harry will trek toward the North Pole in the company of injured British veterans. His wedding duties are set aside for the time being.

"Writing a speech while I'm stuck in a tent at minus 40? If there is time, maybe, I might give it some thought, but pens and paper probably will be saved for somewhere back home. I am here for these guys and these guys alone," he said.

Harry won't actually be there when they reach the pole because he'll be back in England at his big brother's side for the big day.