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US continues to scale back role in Libya

April 2, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
Forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi continue to pound the western city of Misrata.

Officials say 240 have been killed in the shelling and more than a thousand others have been wounded.

The U.S. continues to scale back its role in Libya. On Sunday the U.S. attack planes will be pulled out of the international air campaign. The U.S. will also stop firing tomahawk cruise missiles.

According to the Pentagon, the long range missiles won't be fired unless the situation in Libya changes. Navy ships and submarines though will remain in the Mediterranean to resume firing the long range missiles if requested by NATO. Attack planes will also be ready.

Meantime heavy fighting continues. Civilians are trying to get out of Misrata, but with pro-Gadhafi forces surrounding the city, they have nowhere to go.

Among them is a man from Ghana who's been staying in a refugee camp for over a month.

"People are dying," said Ghanaian refugee Ibrahim Prince Mohammed. "People are dying, we are not comfortable and we want to leave. So we need help from the UN."

The Libyan government is holding talks with the U.S., Britain and France in the hopes of ending the coalition air strikes altogether. Meantime there are reports that a coalition warplane struck a rebel position outside the oil town of Brega.

The rebels said they were hit after firing a heavy machine gun in the air in celebration. Three rebel fighters were reportedly killed. NATO is investigating.