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Lake Elsinore baseball team creates Charlie Sheen holiday

April 8, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
A local minor league baseball team is holding a Charlie Sheen promotion next month on the Cinco de Mayo holiday. They're calling it "Sheen-co de Mayo."

Lake Elsinore's minor league team, The Storm, is taking some heat over a promotion involving troubled actor Charlie Sheen.

The team plans to host a May 5 celebration entitled "Sheen-co de Mayo" which has some city officials and members of the Latino community crying foul.

"I don't think we should use a public facility like Diamond Stadium to promote or celebrate or even ridicule Mr. Sheen's behavior," said Mayor Pro Tem Bob Magee. "And I definitely don't think we should take the opportunity to denigrate a holiday that holds special significance to our Latino community."

The team's website said it plans to offer fans who attend the game $1 drink specials along with a cocktail entitled "Tiger's Blood," a bobble head of Sheen, and a different kind of rehab. All are a take on the actor's recent antics.

"There are some upset fans but we do 70 promotions a year," said General Manager Chris Jones. "Hopefully they bear with us on one, and see the humor in it and just have a little fun with it."

This is not the first time the minor league team has stirred up controversy. In 2005 they issued white gloves and masks to their fans in order to poke fun at Michael Jackson.

Melissa Melendez is a fan as well as city councilwoman.

"I think we need to be not so thin skinned," said Melendez. "It's meant in jest and it's just supposed to be a good time."

Fans had a mixed reaction to the baseball promotion.

"Baseball isn't meant for drinking, it's about the sport," said Lake Elsinore resident Bryan Burkhardt. "A family thing, so Charlie Sheen doesn't need to interact with that."

"If his name is able to sell drinks and make a profit for a business somewhere then I am cool with it," said Simi Valley resident Casey Nicholson.

The team's management said they will go forward with the event despite the storm of controversy it has created.