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Today's sportswear made for comfort, style

April 13, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
Looking and feeling good while exercising is a plus. Today's sportswear actually has some science behind it to keep you looking both comfy and cute.

The roll-down pant was created for those hard bodies so people can roll it down low and show off. But it's also for the softie that wants to perhaps hide a few things. It was created about 15 years ago, but it remains a hot number today.

"Well the rise can only be a certain amount, and some people said, 'Well I like my rise to be a little bit higher. I don't like it down that low.' So we came up with the roll-down," said Hard Tail co-owner Dick Cantrell.

Cantrell said Hard Tail's original roll-down pant is designed in a way that calls for one unique seam that is engineered to work on most everybody.

"You camouflage whatever you don't like about yourself and you show what you do like about yourself, and everything looks fantastic," said Hard Tail co-owner Patty Cantrell.

Roll-down shorts, Capri's, leggings and flares-- this pant remains hot in and out of gyms.

Jodi Guber-Brufsky of I am Beyond, helps those on the go, small or large. From carpool, to jogging, to the market or lunch. Her line of wash and wear items layer so you can drive, dine, dance and more, because that is how we live.

"I really had to learn: How do you flatter a body any size? How do you flatter a body being surrounded by these actresses and skinny people?" said Guber-Brufsky.

Designers at Lululemon make function a part of fashion. Popular jogging skirts have built in ventilated liners and yoga tops have drawstring bottoms to prevent riding up in upside-down positioning.

There's also a special sleeve feature on jackets.

"Another great thing about this too, especially in Southern California, is it gives your hand sun protection, we're all about anti-aging," said Lululemon manager Meghan Strauss. "We also have cuffins, which cover up your hands and give you extra warmth when you're out in the morning walking your dog and going for a hike."

And one hidden beauty is the Tata tamer sports bra, which is a bonus for active gals who need the extra support without uncomfortable under wire.

"It's got removable cups and then it also has straps in the back that you can actually criss-cross so you can continue to wear a cute, fashionable, functional racer back while having that extra support that you need," said Strauss.