Woman outside 'DWTS' studio sells cupcakes for orphans


Kristen Crawford sells cupcakes to the audience line outside the studio. She's a caterer on the lot and has been given permission to sell her cupcakes to hungry visitors and coworkers because they benefit orphans.

Crawford is a volunteer with the nonprofit group Corazon de Vida, which means "Heart of Life." It supports the orphaned children of Baja, Mexico.

Crawford takes her cupcake earnings into food, and once a month, she boards a bus with others to visit an orphanage in need.

"We take it down there, and then we serve it to them," she said.

Crawford said not only do they provide meals, but they also give the people who run the organization an afternoon off.

"We do the lunch so that they get a rest, and we get to help in some way," she said.

Corazon de Vida supports more than a dozen orphanages across the border.

"It sounds really cliché, but you get back 100 times what you give," Crawford said.

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