Storage room fire breaks out at Dodger Stadium during game


Officials said the fire broke out about 8:50 p.m., sometime in the fifth inning, in an eight floor cinder block room where paper products were stored. Plumes of smoke could be seen drifting toward the field.

The fire was immediately contained and put out by the Los Angeles Fire Department in about 15 minutes. At least six fire trucks and about 45 firefighters responded.

No injuries were reported, but about a dozen people complained of smoke inhalation. No one was transported to the hospital.

Dodger staff relocated fans sitting in the top deck and reserve level on the first base side to the third base side.

"We're investigating the cause, we do not have a cause at this time," Los Angeles Fire Asst. Chief Daryl Arbuthnott said. "Because the game was in progress, we had LAPD assist us with evacuation and also Dodger Stadium management got involved and assisted us with coordinating this whole thing."

Dodgers announcer Vince Scully noted the incident during the game broadcast.

"There was a lot of smoke that suddenly came in to the ball park," Scully said. "Off the first base side, that's where all the smoke is and the people at that area are leaving. I assume they've been asked to leave."

The fire was first spotted by one of two fire inspectors on duty at the stadium. Fans took to Twitter to post pictures.

"We were just surprised to see a fire going on during the game," said Dodger fan Kenneth Rodriguez. "We saw the smoke. We thought it was the hot dogs from the smoke. It was a real fire that was burning."

The game between the Dodgers and Florida Marlins was unaffected. The Dodgers went on to lose 6-1.

In a statement, Dodgers officials said Sunday's game would not be affected by the incident.

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