Newt Gingrich resets presidential bid in LA


Gingrich delivered a speech on foreign policy before a packed ballroom at the Beverly Hills hotel, accusing the Obama administration of placing "political correctness above common sense" in its dealings on the world stage.

The address before the Republican Jewish Coalition in Beverly Hills will be Gingrich's first since the sudden exodus of 16 senior strategists and advisers. They abandoned the Gingrich's campaign Thursday, less than a month after his bid for the White House was formally launched.

Gingrich promised to plow on with a fresh start in Los Angeles.

"We had a strategic disagreement about how to run a campaign," Gingrich said. "There have been very few campaigns that have been solutions oriented and that are oriented to every single American."

The former House Speaker criticized President Barack Obama's Middle East policies, accusing him of accommodating dictators and terrorist groups.

Gingrich told the Republican Jewish Coalition that "the greatest obstacle toward achieving a real and lasting peace..." is "an inability on the part of the Obama Administration and certain world leaders to tell the truth about terrorism, be honest about the publicly stated goals of our common enemies and devise policies appropriate to an honest accounting of reality."

He also vowed to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem if he becomes president and unveiled a nine-point plan on the Middle East. It includes suspending all funding to the United Nations if the General Assembly moves to recognize a Palestinian state before an Israeli-Palestinian accord.

Gingrich is scheduled to take part in a debate in New Hampshire on Monday with other Republican White House hopefuls.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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