Teen girls ready for No Worries Now prom


The girls are attending a special prom Wednesday night organized by ABC7's Pay It Forward honoree, No Worries Now.

The non-profit founded by Fred Scarf is using $7,000 it received to make it possible for about 500 teens with life-threatening illnesses who may not live long enough to attend their own proms.

"It's so amazing that we were able to get that money," Scarf said. "I think even though it's $7,000, what we're going to see on Wednesday night is going to be invaluable."

No Worries Now is based out of Scarf's parent's home in Sherman Oaks.

As they tried on their dresses in North Hollywood on Monday, some of the girls said they were getting ready for an amazing night.

"I feel beautiful and that's the great thing about this event, because you get to dress up for the night and that really makes you feel confident," said Anna Rahm as she tried one of dozens of gowns donated by non-profit "Becca's Closet."

"It's really nice to have organizations like this one because it really helps you get through it," Rachel Gottes said. "It's a break in a long drag of a lot of medicine and doctors and 'You can't, you can't, you can't,' and when you go to the prom, you can."

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