Let the 'Karaoke Battle USA' begin on ABC


They each win a recording that'll be released by Hollywood Records and a trip to compete one more time at the world championships in Ireland later this year.

"These people are everyday people. Some of them maybe want to be aspiring singers. Some of them are just getting an outlet to release some steam and stuff that's been going on throughout their weeks or you get somebody that did it on a dare," said host Joey Fatone.

The show's judges include singer Carnie Wilson (of the band Wilson Phillips), 2009 National Karaoke Champion Brian Scott and music journalist Joe Levy.

"We saw kids who seemed to have been hatched in a karaoke laboratory. Like mom bought him a karaoke machine when he was five and he's been singing karaoke songs every day down in the basement for years and years and years," said Levy.

"I've been there. I know exactly what they're going through. I know exactly what they need to do so I'm there to coach them and not to crush their dreams," said Scott.

Shawntae Jackson, a single mom from Los Angeles, has one of those dreams. And it sounds like she has the voice, too.

"The support from the audience is my favorite part. This is a community and the support is tremendous. And there's hidden talent everywhere," said Wilson. "This is their shot and some of them really stepped up to it and some of them blew it."

You can watch "Karaoke Battle USA" Fridays at 9 p.m. on ABC7.

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