Colin Farrell does 'Fright Night' remake


He moves into a Nevada community and people just start disappearing.

It's Farrell's first foray into fright.

"I enjoy it. Seriously, man," Farrell said. "I just enjoy what I do. Really, it's a lot of fun and as much as you can walk in a variety of shoes doing this gig, for me, it's just, I don't ever want to get bored."

Director Craig Gillespie said Farrell was at the top of his wish list.

"I heard word that he might be interested and we got to go and meet," Gillespie said. "For me, it really was making sure that he understands the movie I was trying to make. This movie is like a real specific blend of horror and comedy."

"Fright Night," which will be in 3-D, is rated "R." it will be in theatres Friday.

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