Fitness Glo: Pro exercise classes for little to no cash


Amy Dixon and Petra Kolber are two International fitness pros giving back to the community through a program called Fitness Glo.

"It's free and it's in a beautiful studio. What's the catch? There is no catch. The catch is we just want you to show up and be part of this incredible community," said Kolber, Fitness Glo creator.

It is designed to instill excitement for those who haven't had such a good fitness experience or maybe very little experience in fitness at all.

"It's really about getting those folks that think that fitness might not be for them or the gym's not for them or it might be a little intimidating. We put classes out there that are doable," said Dixon, an instructor.

Kolber says the company has world-class instructors.

"You see them in advertisements, you see them at conventions and now you have them right here in your backyard," said Kolber.

They also teach without pay, by the way, in the hopes of getting those who are inactive and uninterested to find fitness fun.

"They work with you, and it's almost like paying a one-on-one, because I've had that personal attention," said Leslie Jaramillo of Mar Vista.

Jaramillo wasn't happy with the gyms she tried, but she liked her Fitness Glo experience.

They discovered she is double-jointed and adjusted her workout to make it more comfortable.

Currently, classes are held in Santa Monica at noon, and there's no charge.

If you don't live close, Fitness Glo's website offers all its workouts for a mere $12 a month. You can choose the style and instructor you want, including total body sculpt, athletic cardio, ball workouts, and dancing.

The online classes are also broken up into brief segments if you can't do a whole hour.

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