Union rejects supermarket healthcare proposal


The results of the strike-authorization vote by union grocery workers were expected to be released Sunday.

Thousands of employees cast ballots Friday and Saturday, with the focus on whether to accept a more costly healthcare plan from Ralphs, Albertsons and Vons.

If a strike is authorized, workers could walk off the job by the middle of next week.

Both sides insist they want to avoid that.

"If you know we have to go on strike then we will," said union worker Karla Montano. "I really hope we don't. I really hope that the company can settle and give us a good agreement. I'm really hoping for that but if we don't then it's going to be really sad if we do."

In April, union members took a similar strike-authorization vote.

At that time it passed with about 90 percent approval.

Ralphs released a statement Saturday: "Asking for a strike authorization is a common tactic in negotiations and does not necessarily mean a strike will be called by the union. Our employees want to keep working and our stores are ready to serve customers. Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons remain committed to reaching a contract that is good for our employees and keeps these union jobs sustainable for the future."

Vons released a statement after the vote: "This is the second time the unions have asked for strike authorization. The negotiations are ongoing and have not fully run their course. The employers intend to stay focused and engaged in the bargaining process. We remain hopeful that we can peacefully reach a settlement that works for both sides. We would urge the union leadership to do the same. The rhetoric around strike votes and harming the companies needlessly alarms and confuses our employees and customers. Likewise, it only distracts the parties from reaching a settlement."

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