Busy Philipps juggles hit ABC show and movie


The ABC7 "Cougar Town" star, and mother of a toddler, also threw in a little work on the big screen to keep things interesting.

"I thought for sure you could have it all, absolutely," said Philipps. "I was going to have it all. And I do some days."

Philipps is learning to at least try to balance professional and personal commitments in her busy life.

It's the main focus of the new film "I Don't Know How She Does It." Philipps co-stars as a nemesis to Sarah Jessica Parker, playing an on screen "momster".

"I guess a momster is any mother, working or not, who's aim and goal is to make other mothers feel bad about their choices that they have made," said Philipps.

"One of the things the movie brings up, is reflected in this character that I play, is this judgment among women," said Philipps. "These non-working moms versus working moms, and it's really unacceptable. We should all just be able to look at each other and say 'whoo made it thru yesterday, here's hoping that today works out.'"

Philipps is busy working her day job. She just started filming the third season of "Cougar Town." And the next time we see her character, she'll be sporting a new accessory.

"I will tell you that Laurie's got an ankle monitor on her, we will find out that story," said Philipps.

Philipps and her cast mates also plan on taking on the role of cheerleader next week, when good friend David Arquette suits up for "/*Dancing With The Stars*/".'

"I think he could be really good at it," said Philipps. "He's got rhythm, he's got soul, he's got time to dance, he is going to be great."

"Cougar Town" returns to the ABC lineup later this TV season. "I Don't Know How She Does It" is in theaters on Friday.

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