12-year-old IE girl, home alone, finds bear in kitchen


It happened to Kara Jackson in the rural community of Forest Falls along the 39600 block of Prospect Drive.

Kara's dad was at work and her mom was attending a class. Living in such a rural area, the Jackson family has encountered bears before.

For example, a picture taken earlier this month shows a bear near their home.

But this time, it was different. Kara was alone, and the bear was inside the house.

"I heard something, and then I was like going down the stairs really slowly, and I yelled "Hey," and the noises didn't stop, and so I clapped really loud, so then I saw part of the bear, so I ran upstairs and locked myself in the bedroom," Kara said.

Kara called her dad, who then called 911. By the time deputies had arrived, the bear had scooted out of the home.

Kara was doing her nails when they arrived.

The Jacksons assume the bear was one of two cubs that have been wandering the area all summer.

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