Good neighbor saves elderly woman's life


Stephanie Bailey has come to know her 80-year-old neighbor's routine after living next door for two years.

On Saturday she noticed something had changed in her elderly neighbor's daily comings and goings.

"Our agreement with her was if her porch light wasn't on in the night time then we would call and check on her," said Bailey. "She always answered her phone so when she didn't answer her phone, that was a signal that something's not right."

What wasn't right, her neighbor, Lucille Morris, had become pinned in between her bedframe and bedroom wall. For the next four days Morris lay trapped in her home.

"My son checked Saturday night to see if the dog had food and he said the dog doesn't have food. So we were like, that's also an alarm," said Bailey. "She feeds her dog faithfully, that's her baby."

Then on Monday, after still not hearing from Morris, Bailey decided to go see for herself. After hearing a faint sound, she called sheriff's deputies to do a wellness check

"They heard the mumbling and she also did a faint tapping when we were tapping on the window," said Bailey.

Morris was taken to Loma Linda University Medical Center for a head injury and dehydration.

Bailey says the woman's family has stopped by to thank her for saving their mother's life. She says she just knew what to look for.

"Just be aware of who lives around you," said Bailey. "Just be aware of their comings and goings. You don't have to scrutinize your neighbor -- just be aware of who is living around you."

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