Woman kidnapped near Parlier found in Merced County

FRESNO, Calif.

Authorities say 21-year-old Jessica Llamas was taken at gunpoint late Saturday night while leaving a party.

She was later found in Merced County. Officials with the Sheriff's Office say she was not hurt.

They say her kidnappers dropped her off in the middle of nowhere around 4:30 in the afternoon on Sunday.

Less than 24 hours earlier, investigators say two gunmen forced her into a car after they tried to rob her and her friends outside a Parlier home.

Detectives aren't revealing where the kidnappers took her to but, eventually, they say, she was dropped off in a remote area in Merced county.

"She started walking until she came to a house and the first house she came to, she asked for help," Chris Curtice of the Fresno County Sheriff's Office said.

Around that same time, the 1998 Toyota Camry used in the kidnapping was found abandoned in Solano County.

Llamas told detectives she does not know the two men who took her.

"To have a stranger abduction of an adult is rare," Curtice said.

Officials will not say why Llamas was taken.

As for the two men responsible, deputies say they're getting closer to tracking them down.

"This is ongoing, there's a lot of leads they're trying to follow up on and we don't want to release too much information. We don't want to compromise the investigation," Curtice said.

Investigators are still trying to find the two men who took her, so if you have any information, call the Sheriff's Office.

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