'Real Steel' robots take title with $27.3M


A DreamWorks release distributed by Disney, "Real Steel" added $22.1 million in 19 overseas markets for a worldwide total of $49.4 million. The movie casts Jackman as a former boxer reluctantly thrown together with his young son as they turn a junkyard robot into a world-class contender.

"The Ides of March" starring George Clooney opened in second place with $10.4 million.

Last week's no. 1 movie, "Dolphin Tale," slipped to third place with $9.2 million.

"Moneyball" came in fourth with $7.5 million, while the cancer comedy "50/50" rounded out the top five with $5.5 million.

The top 10 movies of the weekend were:

1. "Real Steel," $27.3 million ($22.1 million international).
2. "The Ides of March," $10.4 million.
3. "Dolphin Tale," $9.2 million.
4. "Moneyball," $7.5 million.
5. "50/50," $5.5 million.
6. "Courageous," $4.6 million.
7. "The Lion King," $4.55 million ($7.3 million international).
8. "Dream House," $4.5 million.
9. "What's Your Number?", $3.1 million ($2.8 million international).
10. "Abduction," $2.9 million ($4 million international).

Disney is the parent company of ABC7. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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