Burglar steals ashes of grieving man's wife


On Monday afternoon, a neighbor walked up to Arthur Pauly and returned one of the two urns that had been stolen.

"The hole is smaller. It doesn't feel like my whole chest has been ripped out, but I still feel violated," Pauly said.

Expensive electronics had also been stolen from the Highland home Monday night, but what's more important is the second urn containing some of the remains of his wife Annemarie.

"There's a little vase with probably two tablespoons of her ashes that was for my son, those are still missing," Pauly said.

The neighbor who dropped off some of the stolen items told Pauly that they think they know who the burglar was, and said police were on their way to talk to the suspects.

Pauly says he and his wife had just celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary last month. He says she had been suffering from a number of health problems and died two weeks ago.

"I came home from work and I found her, they thought she had passed away that morning," Pauly said.

Pauly said it hurts knowing the person who broke into his home may actually live on his street.

"They saw what my wife was going through, they saw me trying to get her out of the car with her walker, and all the suffering she did, and to do something like this, how disrespectful," he said.

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