Tips to alleviate dry skin discomfort


Prevention and treatment doesn't have to be expensive.

Skin is your greatest barrier against disease. If it's dry it becomes much more vulnerable to disease.

"Some of the stuff that you're being irritated by, like soaps and harsh chemicals, will actually cause your skin to get dryer and itchier and sometimes even cause eczema," said dermatologist Dr. Shirley Chi.

The first step: stop taking long, hot showers. Short, cooler ones won't drain your skin as much. Then replenish and seal in moisture right away.

"I brought some of favorite moisturizers out to show you. I love the CeraVe. It's a moisturizing cream and you can just buy it at a drug store. It comes in a big jar, so you're not going to run out," said Chi.

"For people with very, very dry skin, I like the AmLactin," said Chi. "It has milk acid in it, otherwise known as lactic acid, which is a great exfoliator for dry skin on the body."

Chi recommends Aveeno moisturizing lotion after hand-washing and Aquaphor for chapped lips and cracked heels.

"If you have very sensitive skin, I like the Vanicream line. This line doesn't have any preservatives, dyes, lanolin, fragrance, formaldehyde-free," said Chi.

Dr. Chi says humidifiers are a must if you're running a heater.

You can also carry around your own misting spray.

"This is a La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water; it's about $10 and you can travel with it," said Chi.

It takes a little bit of time and effort, but the difference should be noticeable.

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