What's Bugging You? Unexpected bike lanes


As part of a citywide bike plan it is adding 1,600 miles of bike lanes, paths, routes and bicycle-friendly streets.

That plan includes including Sheldon Street in Sun Valley, where Bob Rader's business, ATP Services, is located. Rader says the new bike lane in front of his truck parts store is hurting his business. He claims he had no idea it was coming.

"It was a Monday morning, we didn't get any warning prior to that," Rader said. "We came in and all our customer parking was gone overnight."

Rader says he's not against bike lanes, but wonders why it would be placed in the largely industrial street that doesn't have much parking to begin with.

"Customers who parked across the street are having to dash across this busy traffic. That's what we're concerned about," he said.

"I think that bikers and businesses can coexist," said John Lofton, who has used the bicycle lane in front of Rader's business. "I think there are plenty of places to park and I'm sorry that this gentleman feels it hinges on his business, but the fact of the matter is that bikers have a right to the road as well."

Rader says what's bugging him is the city never notified him and he said it's unfair that he never got the chance to give his side of the story.

"We were not invited to any kind of a hearing, there was no meeting we were invited to," he said. "As a matter of fact, we can't get any kind of response now."

Eyewitness News asked Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa about that.

"I'm not discounting what he says, I can only tell you that the protocol is to provide notice, to inform the community, I've got to believe that's what happened here," Villaraigosa said.

Villaraigosa added that he'd "check into it" if provided with specifics. However, that was several weeks ago and the mayor has not responded.

Rader says no one has called him.

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