Redlands police release surveillance of fatal bar shooting


The incident happened at Charlie Jewell's Bar at State and Orange streets Saturday night. The video captured the moments following a bar room brawl that spilled outside.

"We understand there were several altercations inside," said Lt. Shawn Ryan from Redlands Police Department. "We don't know what led to this. We are still investigating that."

The graphic images show the victim, 22-year-old Kruze Kuaea, as he walks up and punches a man in the face. Seconds later another man opens fire killing Kuaea and wounding two other men.

The victim's mother, who did not want to be identified by name, is pleading for the public's help to bring her son's killer to justice.

"The people who shot him and killed him do not deserve to be with their families or to be celebrating what they did," she said.

Investigators are looking for the gunman and the man seen being punched in the face, along with four others that the two were hanging out with that night. They say that they may be affiliated with a gang.

Downtown Redlands is best known for providing entertainment that is safe for families. Since the shooting, police have stepped up patrols ahead of the coming holiday weekend.

"I just noticed at night there are a lot more cops out," said Redlands resident Jezzie Garcia. "There's a lot more cops driving and then the bars have been closing earlier."

Residents say the violence is not something Redlands is known for and hope the additional patrols will help curb some of the recent violence.

"I think it is necessary," said Redlands resident Betsy Ellsworth. "I think we are getting people from other cities coming in because Redlands residents normally are very peaceful."

In the meantime, about 16 homicide detectives are working overtime to catch the brazen killer.

"This is very devastating to our families," said Kuaea's mother. "So please, please come forward."

Anyone with information is asked to call Redlands Police at 909-798-7688.

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