David Dean Bottrell returns as one-man show on love


At the time, we wanted to meet the guy who had everyone who watched "Boston Legal" cringing.

He's now offering up something completely different with "David Dean Bottrell Makes Love: A One Man Show."

In it, Bottrell shares his life stories of love, from his first girlfriend as a kid to his adult life as a gay man.

He doesn't hold back.

"Most of the time, in real life, we don't tend to really reveal what really happened on a bad date or in a bad relationship or when something goes wrong," he says. "We tend to kind of keep that underbelly hidden and part of the charm of the show is I'm out there telling the truth. I'm out there saying exactly what happened."

Bottrell's love stories aren't just about romance. He talks about his relationship with his father and how difficult it is sometimes to say I love you.

"So many guys have stayed after (the show) to say, 'Wow, I so appreciated that story about your father, I really did, because it is so, so hard to sort of say those words back and forth to your father sometimes," Bottrell says. "To say, 'I love you,' it was a journey that took me five years."

Five years ago after having given up on acting, he won the role of Lincoln Meyer on "Boston Legal." The role changed his life.

Now, besides writing and starring in his one-man show, Bottrell is also directing "Travels With My Aunt" at the Colony Theatre Company in Burbank. Four actors play 22 roles.

"David Dean Bottrell Makes Love" is at the Rogue Machine Theatre through Dec. 15.

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