Eyewitness tapes interaction with Hollywood gunman


The person is Chris Johns, who lives on the fourth floor in the Sunset Vine Tower near the scene of Friday's shooting on the 1400 block of Vine Street. He had an excellent vantage point of the gunman, and he shot video on his BlackBerry as he attempted to converse with the suspect.

"Shoot me! Come on!" Johns can be heard on the tape shouting at the gunman.

"I was actually standing like this, and I was leaned out completely exposing my body to the gunman. I wanted to give him a clear target so that I was attractive enough to distract him from what he was doing," said Johns.

"Why don't you come up here?" Johns says to the gunman on the tape.

The shooter asks Johns to call an ambulance, then asks him for more ammunition.

"Me wanting to be shot and me conveying that to him, kind of took away his power," said Johns.

Johns watched as an off-duty officer took aim at the suspect.

"I started shouting out to the officer, I said 'Take him out, that's the guy, he's the one, take him out, take him out,'" said Johns. "He loaded up his pistol and shot seven rounds really quickly, took the guy out. He fell down."

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