Pamper yourself without spending too much


At Tint in Santa Monica, master colorists are providing high-end hair color for under just $47.

"Other competing hair salons, the color runs at least $80 to $125, so it's quite a bit of a discount," said Dana Clark, Tint's co-owner.

Frank Dino, co-owner of Tint, said the idea is to keep it affordable and stop women from coloring their own hair at home, where they can be ruining their bathrooms and towels.

You get a consultation first, the color is applied, and the blow dry is optional, keeping costs down. But you can do it yourself for free - an attractive deal for women who cover their grays every two to three weeks.

"It feels like a more expensive place, but I'm not breaking the bank, which is nice," said Los Angeles resident Rebecca Stanley.

You can also treat yourself to a little extra TLC at home, thanks to the authors of "No More Dirty Looks." It's a guidebook full of cheap and simple beauty recipes.

"In the book and also on the website, we provide a lot of de-stressing remedies, some of them focused on beauty, and some just focused on relaxation," said Alexandra Spunt, co-author, "No More Dirty Looks."

And what better way to recover from the holidays than with a revitalizing do-it-yourself body scrub, created with ingredients straight from the kitchen cupboard.

"We like using brown sugar, whatever nice oil you have. It can be an organic olive oil. Coconut oil is also a great one, and then we use a little bit of vanilla extract just to give it that nice smell," said Spunt.

You can also make a 10-minute facemask using plain, fatty yogurt. And raw honey comes to the rescue of dry, scaly skin.

"We like to recommend things that are very simple, but honey makes an amazing face wash and also a nice mask," said Spunt.

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