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'Finding Jenua' director chased movie dream for 10 years

January 20, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
When Alison Mason began creating her film, she felt that the best use of her power as a director would be to do the film however she had to.

That's just what Mason did with "Finding Jenua." She wrote the story about a young woman running from her past who abruptly moves in with a woman who can't remember hers.

There were plans for a studio to make the film. Mason said Diane Keaton was once attached to direct it and star in it. But it never happened.

Mason, who worked for 10 years to break into the film industry, eventually got back the rights to her film and got to work making the movie she wrote. She became the producer, director, did some editing, gave her husband a role and took out a six-figure loan.

She now owns a movie instead of a home.

"We're kind of paying a mortgage on a film and living in a one-bedroom apartment if that tells you anything! It's glamorous!," Mason said.

One of the story's main characters, Jean, suffers from dementia, making it a very prominent part of the story, according to Mason.

"It's a very difficult thing to help someone who's suffering from dementia or alzheimer's. I think the film can greatly help people who are going through that," she said.

The film's success should help Mason get out of debt and onto another project because "Finding Jenua" has found distribution.

"We are going to be all over the planet, I think, in May. DVD, Netflix, I think it's going to be on the moon. It's everywhere," she said.

For this director, it appears her mission is accomplished