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Bratton's book offers views on police policy

January 27, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
Former Los Angeles Police Department Chief William Bratton offers his views on police policy in a book titled "Collaborate or Perish!"

Last November, there was a national outcry over the pepper-spraying of peaceful protesters at UC Davis. The UC president decided to have an independent review of the incident, and he turned to Bratton, who is now the chairman of Kroll private security firm

Bratton said the probe is not done, and its findings will be up to university officials to release.

In "Collaborate or Perish!," Bratton discusses his experiences turning crisis into success.

"My contribution is stories of my time in New York, here in Los Angeles, and how collaboration worked in both of those environments, and in a case in New York, how it sometimes didn't," he said.

The former police chief was forced to examine his own department on May 1, 2007 - the May Day melee - when his L.A. police were recorded using batons and rubber bullets on the mostly peaceful crowd demonstrating for citizenship.

"May Day ... was a phenomenal failure of leadership, of collaboration, coordination, and at the same time, I used it, and my leadership team used it, to help to reform the LAPD, and we came out of it better than what we were going into it," Bratton said.

Bratton, who spent seven years heading LAPD, writes about how he made that job successful. Key points include having vision, setting realistic goals and sharing the credit.

"In today's networked world, we all carry mobile devices that, if you don't collaborate, find ways to collaborate in that world, you're not going to survive," Bratton said.