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Craving donuts or ice cream? See healthy options

February 16, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
If you've ever yearned for a warm, glazed donut, or a scoop of rich, chocolate ice cream, there are new options out there that deliver the sugar, but with a little less guilt. The sweet treats look like the originals, but they're a whole lot healthier.

Fonuts in Los Angeles is a new bakery that's brave enough to re-create an American classic, the donut.

Owner and pastry chef Waylynn Lucas never fries her sweet treats. Fonuts are either baked and/or steamed.

"You still get that fun, whimsical feeling like your indulging and eating a donut without all of the guilt," said Lucas.

Fonut flavors include, chocolate, peanut butter and jelly, strawberry buttermilk and Hawaiian coconut.

"We use fresh fruit in our fonuts," said Lucas. "We only use pure organic cane sugar, so we try and be a little more helpful in what we put into it."

If you don't want something sweet, pick up one of their savory choices, like the chorizo-cheddar fonut.

Traditional ice cream is another dessert favorite, and at KindKreme, all of the gourmet frozen desserts are raw, vegan and organic. There are three KindKreme locations: Pasadena, Studio City and Echo Park.

"I really want it to be available for everybody," said owner Mollie Engelhart. "As a child, I was a vegan and there wasn't anywhere for me to get ice cream."

None include refined sugars. They're created with all-natural, raw ingredients like coconut milk, dark chocolate, seasonal berries, bananas and other ingredients you wouldn't normally think of when it comes to ice cream.

"We put a lot of vegetables in our ice cream too: carrots, kale and beets. All hidden, so the kids just say, 'I want the green one, I want the pink one,'" said Engelhart.

The popular "Clean Green" icekream is made with coconut milk and loaded with good-for-you sea greens.

Co-owner Mimi Moss started Kind Kreme because she's got a child with a dairy allergy. None of their products contain dairy, and Moss' daughter loves the green sweet treat.

"She's not so into vegetables right now. That's why I kind of have to sneak them to her," said Moss.

Both places aren't suggesting we replace our beloved classics or anything, but a lot of us have allergies, so they just want to offer healthier alternatives.

See photos of these healthy donuts and ice cream.