Dixie Carter an inspiration for Annie Potts in 'GCB'


The Kentucky native loves playing a feisty Southern woman who's all about style.

"The last series I did, I literally would roll up in my sweat clothes," Potts said. "That had its merits, but I must say I do like getting all dressed up and being fit to kill."

Potts said she didn't have to look too far for inspiration for Gigi. The character pays homage to her former "Designing Women" co-star and good friend, the late Dixie Carter.

"I'm much more of a tomboy. Dixie really was this lady, always had her pearls on, stockings, she was always beautifully groomed, and she did it with such ease," Potts said. "It seemed impossible. And of course, she was so funny."

Potts remembers the words Carter would always give her when she had trouble with a scene.

"It's like, 'Just do it like Dixie,'" Potts said. "She has been with me every moment of shooting this, and of course, that is my great, great honor to have her beside me because we spent so many years together like that."

The show also stars Jennifer Aspen, Miriam Shor, Brad Beyer and Mark Deklin.

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