Missing young actress from Tennessee found at LA hospital


Like so many others seeking fame and fortune, Satara Stratton headed for Hollywood at 19 years old with stars in her eyes. She created the stage name Satara Silver and posted her head shot and resume on IMDB.com, the Internet Movie Database. But somehow in her quest for fame, she went from looking like a wholesome girl-next-door to a worn-down woman bearing dark under eye circles and an angry scowl.

The search for Stratton began when her family sought help with a missing person's post on Facebook. Her mother, Sharon Stratton, believes her daughter became involved with 46-year-old Paul Constantinescu, a convicted sex offender.

Detective Carmine Sasso, who runs the Los Angeles Police Department's missing persons unit, told the Los Angeles Time this case is not unique.

"These young people come out from another state, some small town, to a multimillion population, trying to hit it big and they get caught up. You have these predators who prey on these individuals," Sasso said.

Stratton spent time in local hospitals and in rehab. According to police, she was spotted numerous times along a sketchy stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard in the Hollywood area.

"It's a nightmare," Stratton's mother said. "People say it sounds like a movie plot, but it's my daughter. It's real." It was unknown Thursday if Stratton had been reunited with her family.

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