Couple turns West Hills home into mock prison


The homeowners, Lou and Linda DeMarco, built a mock prison. They say the publicity stunt is more of a statement about the lengths people may have to go to in order to save their homes and businesses, symbolically housing inmates to stay afloat.

"I guess having prisoners in your house isn't the ideal situation, but it's better than losing everything if it comes down to that," Lou DeMarco said.

Not everyone is buying it. Neighbors aren't exactly thrilled.

"I'd like to find out when they're going to tear it down, this is stupid," said neighbor Norm Hubert. "They're not taking into consideration the neighborhood and the neighbors."

Only time will tell whether the idea for the script called "Little Big House" gets noticed by Hollywood executives. The homeowners said they are ready to keep putting in the time to try and get their attention.

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