Bullied 10-year-old boy makes film called 'Day of Silence,' hopes to spread awareness


Gerry Orz is on a mission - one he hopes will save other young kids from the torment he faced after being bullied.

"They would push me to the ground, rip my pants, make fun of me. It just feels like you're being abused every day of your life," said Orz.

To get his message out, Orz and his friends shot a short film, showing the world what it's like to be bullied and how to end the abuse. The San Gabriel fourth grader has posted "Day of Silence" on YouTube and has been petitioning schools across the country to show his film. He knows speaking up can save lives.

"I want to break the silence," said Orz. "I want kids to tell their parents so they can break the silence and never have to get to the point it can get dangerous.

Orz said he was teased for being taller than other kids, for being Jewish and for having two mothers. The daily bullying led him to thinking about taking his life.

"I just wanted to completely shut down. I was getting horrible thoughts, but I held it in. I finally told my parents, and it was all better," Orz said.

The talented fourth grader has been getting an overwhelming response to his film and has big plans.

"Step one: Get it to all schools across the nation and beyond, and we have to break the silence," he said.

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